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Developing Your Personal Brand: Ellory Wells Explains How

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The Personal Branding Toolkit


The internet is synonymous with information. If you want information on anything in the entire world, and I mean anything, you can find it online. The downside is, you can also find anyone as well; meaning that prospective new client of yours? Yeah, they've got your name, and yes, they've read your tweets.

While the internet can be an ever-mesmerizing flow of memes, rants, and social media sharing, it's also a very dangerous place to play. Ellory Wells, a personal branding life coach, knows all too well how important it is to maintain a decent online presence in the event that you are searched for by a colleague or recruiter. His latest e-book, The Personal Branding Toolkit encompasses all of the aspects of how to create and maintain a personal brand online that describes who you are and what you are capable of.

Having been unemployed in the past, Wells incorporates tactics he used to maintain a solid digital profile for recruiters to reference both pre- and post-interview.

"Your personal brand is like your reputation," he writes. "It is important because it can either work for or against you. Depending on how intentional you are about creating your brand, it can be a door opener or a door closer."

The majority of the toolkit delves not only into why building a personal brand online is important, but actionable steps to build it. He provides a personal development questionnaire to inspire reflection on the types of attributes to associate with your personal brand, as well as resume tips, and a professional resume template to start filling in with your professional info.

Because Wells is passionate about personal and leadership development, his desire to help others establish themselves as professionals in the digital space is distinctly apparent. His Personal Branding Toolkit is written in a clear and direct way that makes it easy for both online novices and professionals to understand and improve their digital profiles. Further, he offers advice on how to incorporate social profiles like Facebook into your personal brand, which as many know, isn't always the most seamless process. Facebook is often a place to 'let your hair down' so to speak, which makes it difficult to align the content you share in your personal space with the attributes displayed in your personal brand.

To check out more on Wells, visit his blog at Empowering the 80 Percent, where you can also purchase this Toolkit, and read tons of great blog posts on leadership, inspiration, and personal development.