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'The Perfect House' DVD Review

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The Perfect House


Your a young couple and you have just purchased what you believe to be your dream house. You have taken the time to look around and see what the housing market has to offer. You have begun to move in and all seems wonderful and beautiful in your life. Your happy and life just seems to be perfect. What you don't know but will soon become aware of is the horror that lurks in your basement.

In your basement rests the horror and pain that engulfed three previous tenants from three different periods of time.

You know the house is old and probably had its hidden secrets. What you don't know that is if your not careful you may become one of its permanently dead. The three previous couples all had those same happy go lucky feelings when they first moved but soon afterward the horror comes and engulfs you. Now you make the decision whether to become part of the history of this house or simply escape with your life.

This anthology horror film from Kris Hulbert and Randy Kent will be released on DVD July 22, 2014. Wild Eye Releasing is the company bringing this classic horror film to us. This has to be one of the goriest film I have ever seen. It stars Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, and John Philbin.

The quality of sound and visual are so graphic that it will scare you out of your shoes. This is a multi faceted horror film that is broken down to show the horror in all three time periods and allows the viewer to enjoy the dark side of this house from hell. For each couple this house is perfect for them or at least that is what they think. So if you love the horror genre then is the film for you. So please take the time to put this film into your DVD library and be scared for years to come.