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The Perfect Girls Night

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Megan Oliver

Pinots Palette, Valencia, CA


A few of my friends and I were in a total need for a girls night a few weeks back so we headed over to Pinot’s Palette in Valencia, CA for wine and some artistic outlet. Not knowing at all what to expect we were hoping for some color in the lines art work. A pre-drawn picture on a canvas, maybe even a splotch of color so we knew which colors to paint where. But we weren’t so lucky.

Instead we walked into a room of long tables with a row of 18 x 24 blank canvases on small easels on either side of each table. A paper plate with paint drops sat under each canvas and a Solo cup of water next to each paint station. A completed painting of a sandy beachside sat on a stage at the end of the tables with a blank canvas next to it.

Before the class started we got our wine from the vast array of options on the wine list. We put on our aprons and mingled around our seats. There was cheese, crackers, pretzels, hummus, chocolate covered pretzels and biscotti; a ton amount of munchies to make you feel at home with your favorite wines.

As class begun our instructor, an artist with a BA in Art talked us through every step of the way. With other artists walked around helping and giving us the confidence to make our painting our own the class time flew by and soon, a bottle of wine later, we each had our own, unique paintings based off of the same picture.

My two girl friends and I definitely didn’t have the best paintings, but we were glad we didn’t have the worst either. This was definitely a great way to celebrate a birthday, enjoy a date night or even a work bonding activity. Best of all, if you search on Groupon there are tons of different companies offering the same type of painting party for as low as $25 a ticket! What a great deal.