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The Peace and Body Roll Duo : BOOMSCAT releases EP, The West Wing Project

The West Wing Project EP


Officially known as, The Peace and Body Roll Duo: BOOMSCAT, due to some over water likeness possibilities, these young ladies have essentially broken the sound barrier with the creation of a new sound. It's acoustic, it's introspective, sexy and inviting while being forward and a little bit shy. The sound is simple, a few keys, an unmistakable voice, and a slight percussion of the cajon. Yes, there are some surprise elements like the voice of the percussionist, a beat boxing element, the concise writing and distinct choice of texture and simplicity makes the project a pleasurable experience.

Photos to enjoy the experience…
Photos to enjoy the experience…
The West Wing Project EP
The Peace And Body Roll Duo: BOOMSCAT presents The West Wing Project EP

The West Wing Project, their first full EP, is a collection of independently penned and produced tracks from the talented duo, who got started as just a poet and a rhythm. But when two brilliant minds collide in the studio, a eclectic percussionist/producer with a multi-faceted vocalist and storyteller, the magic is undeniable. Asha Santee, the skilled producer, and Jennifer "Patience" Rowe, the lead voice of the duo, gave an in depth listening party at the Topaz Hotel a month ago and let us into their writing and producing idiosyncrasies, today you can find their music on any major music outlet worldwide. Check out the full project on bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon, but until you do, check out our track by track play and synopsis.


The project is comprehensive which is more than we can say about a lot of music projects on the market. The CD starts off in contemplation about the struggle to love someone versus loving one's purpose; sometimes they blur together, but oh what I would give to love anything else as much as I love you. After realizing that life is a constant rat race, and after every fall someone will NOT be waiting on you, the duo forces you to look deeper. After that feeling of emptiness, a simple word like Hey could breathe life into your being, and with that breath, hands connect. So we all know what happens after hands and minds intersect, yourlovers and love are in the air and before you move on closure is key.

Track 1 - MoreThanAnything

Have you ever had the feeling that loving someone could change your life? Have you ever wanted to love something, anything else as much as you loved that person, just so you could get them out of your head? Yes, this track goes right to that place. Do I want to love something in that place…or do I just want to love them in that space?

Track 2 - RunningOnE

"She's been in the same place for so long, she thinks she lives in misery. She's made her residence in so much pain, you'd think she lives on Pain Street. Its so hard for her to move on, she thinks she cannot let go. Her heart is stuck in bitterness, sometimes she does not know….Sometimes that girl is me." So when you are running for so long, you rarely take a look in the mirror. Brilliant writing, "She's so full of love, life, grace, joy."

Track 3 - CatchMe

Most of us pride ourself on the fact of knowing there will always be someone to catch us. But this song is a trip down the road when you find yourself falling and no one is there to catch you. Do you ask what happened to the hand, or find a way to get out of that rut?

Track 4 - Hey

At the bottom of that pit of loneliness, sometimes one syllable can bring you out and make you feel desired, loved, and loving. So on that down night, when you have taken your last sip and you feel a tap on your shoulder or an extra lingering eye….you would take one of those drinks and a steamy conversation, definitely!!!

Track 5 - Hands

Yes, the ladies admit their songs are lengthy, and emotive, but this is the interlude. While it still lasts five minutes of pleasure, I can tell exactly what part of the body the hands are touching in this steamy transition of a melody.

Track 6 - YourLover

This is where the heat turns up. This project jumps from introspection and life to the thing that creates more life. After getting to know the deeper parts of a significant other, its easy to get enthralled. The question is, "Can I Be Your Lover-ah? Let my hands wonder-ah, underneath the covers-ah."

Track 7 - Closure

So to end this heavenly experience, we must be able to talk about it and grow, or at least identify when we can do it again. But its deeper than that. This track, possibly the eldest of the duo's writings, simply asks for answers and patiently waits for the response, because to ask and wait is more important than demanding. At the end of the day, you just want answers, so you know how to move forward.

The listening experience captured in this project is one that provokes a journey of self investigation, life realization, relationships and even the grown-up. These ladies have given valuable insight to the dichotomy of love and the complex intricacies of life, with just a few words and melodies. While this is their first full EP, I can see there is much growth and expansion in store, this is just the beginning of a movement. Gone are the days of "turn up", these ladies pride themselves on music that will make you peaceful and dance slightly, while also encouraging you to "turn sideways," preferably close to a loved one with this EP on repeat.

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