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The PB & B burger at Welcome Diner

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PB & B burger


As burgers continue their popularity, restaurants are looking for ingredients to top their burgers that will set them apart from the place down the street. Welcome Diner in downtown Phoenix does exactly that by topping 1 of their 3 burgers ($9-$10.75) with everybody's favorite, peanut butter. In all the reviews and articles I've written about burgers this is only the 2nd burger I've tasted topped with peanut butter and the big question is does peanut butter work on top of a burger?

In the case at Welcome Diner it does but with caution. The savory and crunchy topping works well with burger yet seems to steal the flavor of the bacon and cheddar cheese that also come on top. Perhaps the cook was a bit heavy handed on the peanut butter or maybe peanut butter should be the only topping on it. Yet this burger prepared on a flat top was cooked to the right temperature, tasted good and the combination worked well as it's one of the more creative toppings we've seen here in Phoenix. It's served on a toasted Brioche bun which worked well for what could be a messy experience and also comes with Bread & Butter pickles and golden brown crispy French fries.

This burger is definitely worth a try especially if you like creativity and are still a fan of peanut butter just don't expect that big bacon flavor we all love and expect.

Welcome Diner is at 924 East Roosevelt Phoenix, AZ. 85006 602-495-1111 and is open Tuesday - Sunday from 5pm - 2am