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The Parker family has a dark secret in We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are


One of the most diverse genres out there is that of the horror genre. There are so many variations of horror that you never really know what you are going to possibly get. Most of them are pretty straight forward on what they are but some stray just out the line of being categorized as any one thing. The trailer for latest We Are What We Are offers some intriguing possibilities, but can it live up to the creepiness that it promises?

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We Are What We Are follows seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, that have always kept to themselves, but behind closed doors, the patriarch rules his family with a rigorous fervor, determined to keep his ancestral customs intact at any cost. As a torrential rainstorm moves into the area, tragedy strikes and his daughters are forced to assume responsibilities that extend beyond those of a typical family. As the unrelenting downpour continues to flood their small town, the local authorities begin to uncover clues that bring them closer to the secret that they have held closely for so many years. This is one of those movies that if you stick with it, then you will more than likely really enjoy the end result. The issue for some may be with sticking with it. The film is dark and morose and tends to run pretty slow for most of the film. Those expecting some dark horror will be highly disappointed as not much happens for most of the film other than creating a lot of questions, but thankfully it has a great ending making it worth the ride. There are a few gore moments here and there during the film, but this is a slow build creepy horror thriller that is worth checking out. There is a grey line drawn in the sand with these characters trying to determine who is really evil and who is just misunderstood making for a compelling finished product.

The performances are subtle and emotionless from the main family making them even more creepy and effective than if they had tried the over the top approach. You have to stick this one out as the direction it heads will surprise some viewers making for one the better endings to a film like this in a long time. Even if you somehow figure out where it is heading the visuals of the sequence are worth the entire movie.