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The Paradise Prophecy: Book review and interview with Robert Browne

Robert Browne
Robert Browne
Courtesy Robert Browne

The Paradise Prophecy


The Paradise Prophecy. Written by Robert Browne. Published by Dutton Publsihers. Available in hardcover, audio, and electronic versions.

Robert Browne
Courtesy Robert Browne

The Paradise Prophecy is a masterpiece. The novel by award-winning screenwriter Robert Browne, is the novel most writers dream of writing. The main theme is the eternal struggle between good and evil, but like a bolt of good quality fabric, there are layers and layers of sub-plots. Browne was inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost, the epic poem about Adam and Eve, and how the devil tricked them into losing paradise. Milton's epic poem, written in blank verse, has withstood the tests of time, still enthralling readers worldwide, as The Paradise Prophecy, also will.

Browne devotes attention to every detail. Browne's characters, Agent Bernadette Callahan and Sebastian LaLaurie, follow the threads of clues and non-clues surrounding the murders, committed by what appears to be a serial killer with supernatural powers. Agent Callahan, is a calm, cool, woman, with an analytical mind. She works for the Section, a government agency. Callahan wonders why her agency would send her on an assignment, code -078, which is the the code for the highest priority level, to search for the facts behind Gabriela Zuada's deat in Brazil.

Gabriela, a Christian singer of international fame, was worshipped by millions of fans. Gabriela's death does not seem to be connected to what Callahan considers the definition of a code -078, but then, those are her orders, so she travels to Brazil to comply. Callahan, in no way can imagine what is in store for her on this -078 assignment. Neither can Sebastian LaLauire, a religious historian, who had been working as a college professor, with a deep insight into the spiritual realm. Batty, as he was nicknamed as a child, who inherited the gift of vision from his beloved mother who passed away years ago.

Batty has been watching his life go down the drain, after the departure of his beloved wife, Rebecca. In his despairing loneliness, he has turned to drinking to numb his pain. Being told to take a break from his teaching position in a Christian college closes one more door in his life, but opens another, to what could be the ultimate mission. His gift is exactly what Callahan needs, if she is ever to solve the murders, and face the worse to come.

Agent Callahan is an intelligent and resourceful woman, who is thouroughly trained for anything -- except forces beyond her control. Like a divine appointment, Batty and Callahan form a team, whose sole purpose is to wrest the evil entity that is destroying lives and causing chaos in the world. Callahan is skeptical of the Brazilian detective's theory that something of inmense darkness lurks in the guts of these crimes. Batty, who knows better, is aware that the world's safety hinges upon their winning this battle.

Browne's The Paradise Prophecy, continues the quest for survival of good over evil, as told in the Book of Genesis, in the bible. It explains how God expelled Lucifer, along with the other angels who defied God. For centuries, these creatures have roamed the earth, destroying beauty and goodness, by causing chaos. Their mission is to tempt victims to fall into their master's crevices of hell. Michael, the Archangel, has been defending and protecting the innocent as he stands for God's rules. In The Paradise Prophecy, readers wil encounter a modern day Michael. Browne writes a convincing tale of what could happen, with an explosive surprise ending.

The book has a beautifully designed, embossed cover, and is illustrated throughout the book with exquisite drawings by Gustave Dore. The Paradise Prophecy can can be ordered from Barnes and Nobles Booksellers, Books & Books and Amazon.

Brief Q & A with Robert Browne:

RS: I did not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner until I finished The Paradise Prophecy. I was wondering what are your plans now?

RB: I have more projects in the works than I know what to do with, but I'm planning to write a sequel to The Paradise Prophecy. Hopefully one of many.

RS: Are you doing a book signing tour?

RB: No signing tour is scheduled at the moment, but I will let you know if that changes.

RS: How is it going with The Paradise Prophecy film options?

RB: The book has been optioned by Temple Hill, the producers of Twilight. They have it in development as we speak.