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The P-90 Experience

P90x Exercise Program


Tony Horton shines in the painful yet effective workout series by BeachBody called P90X. The base program includes 12 DVDs that guide the viewer through various workouts to lose body fat and increase lean muscle tissue. Yoga, plyometrics, and core synergistic are only three of the programs included in the set, and many of the moves used can be performed simply with bodyweight and dumbbells.

Customizing workouts and meal plans to suit the individual athlete’s desires is easy with Tony’s nutrition plan, fitness guide, and calendar. While these are included in the purchase of DVDs, the additional equipment is not in the basic package. Dumbbells or resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a pull-up bar are necessary to complete several exercises, and help sculpt the body lean in as little as weeks! P90X has beginner-friendly modifications provided in each video as well as more advanced alternatives for those who progress or are more experienced.

The science behind the program suggests that the body’s adaptation to exercise inhibits progress, and that a program such as P90X, in which “muscle confusion” is used, yields faster weight loss and better muscle definition. Muscle confusion is an effective exercise approach because various moves are used to “confuse” the body parts that are being worked in each session, allowing for less adaptation and more tension on the muscles. Because there are 12 videos, different major muscle groups and types of workouts can be alternated to suit anyone’s desired goals and fitness plans. By incorporating multiple muscle groups in the core synergistics portion, Tony demonstrates how compound exercises prove to burn major calories and bring phenomenal results.

P90X is only one of the few BeachBody programs that cater to a wide array of people looking to encourage health and general fitness, as well as those trying to lose weight fast and keep it off. There are other P90X programs as well that specifically have been designed to decrease the time consumption of the workouts, while getting great results. Typically the exercises in the basic P90X take about an hour from start to finish. If going to the gym is not an option, P90X may be the perfect workout to do for a stronger, leaner, more flexible you.