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'The Other Woman' will surprise you

The Other Woman


Some might categorize this movie as a romantic comedy. Yes, there’s a lovey-dovey storyline between two people, but the film is more about amusement concerning revenge. It was pretty well done.

Leslie Mann plays Kate King; a ditzy-turned-vengeful housewife who starts off clueless over her husband’s wandering eye and desire for other women. She leads a simple life and to her hubby Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, ‘Mama,’ ‘Oblivion’), Kate is not as exciting as his “mistress” Carly.

Cameron Diaz would be that “mistress.” The word in quotes will be explained when you see the movie. Eventually, Kate and Carly meet by coincidence and suspicion takes over. Soon after, both will team up to seek revenge for the lying, cheating and even three-timing man that is Mark.

Three-timing, you may ask. Welcome Kate Upton into the circle of Mark’s adultery. It’s Upton’s first film role, and although it was minor, she did an okay job. It would’ve been nice to see the writers give Upton a character that wouldn’t stereotype her as the “young blonde with a great body and no brain.” Her first scene shows her character, Amber, running down the beach in a bikini; it’s a little cliché. But nonetheless, Upton made Amber very endearing.

There’s another major issue which prompts Kate to seek revenge and justice for her own dignity. It’s with the help of Carly and Amber that they will do anything to make sure he’s stopped. If it requires a fun-filled vacation abroad, then so be it.

With these types of movies, the jokes may be repetitive and similar to others of its kind, but this entertained and used original storylines. It’s quite peculiar that the married woman would become friends with her husband’s other interests, but it’s comforting to know that Kate overcame and moved forward with a little help.

Mann is known for her comedic work, but this role shows a different side in comparison to previous characters. She shows vulnerability and sadness, but perseveres through the trouble point with strength and determination.

Diaz is always a delight and gave light to Carly, despite the unfortunate circumstances that she and Kate were put into.

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female; this movie isn’t about mushy, sappy love, but friendship, revenge and the fun which comes along with plotting against a cheater. Is that okay to say?

Get a group of friends together, get some munchies and go see The Other Woman. She won’t be what you expect!

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