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‘The Other Woman’ a witless wonder

The Other Woman movie


You want a good time, you want to be wanted, yet what is all the stuff about commitment? Carly Whitten, Cameron Diaz a successful lawyer never gets involved with just one man till she meets Mark King, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. However, the twist here is that Carly meets his wife, Kate King, Leslie Mann. When Kate realizes that Carly is sleeping with Mark, her reaction is to confront her, and then force friendship on her. It is from here that we find out that Mark is not only cheating on her with Carly, but also with Amber, Kate Upton.

the women of  "The Other Woman"

The Other Woman” takes far too long to actually get going though, too many of the lines which are supposed to be funny are not, and worse, one can see how things are going to work out beforehand. This is so painfully obvious that some of these things are clear from the very beginning of the film.

As to the characters, Leslie Mann’s Kate is so scatter- brained, kinetic, hysterical and stalker psychotic that one has pity for her philandering husband. At the same time, her reactions and actions come off as patently implausible.

Cameron Diaz’s Carly is the blunt, tough successful woman who acquiesces to being Kate’s friend, but it is almost always grudgingly. Her character is so one dimensional that she does not feel real.

It is not till about three quarters of the way through that it starts to pick up speed. Yet, there are many times when it feels as if they are reaching for laughs instead of letting them flow naturally. This is especially obvious when they decide to get revenge on Mark. Carly puts a laxative into his drink and thus we have the predictable fecal scene in the bathroom.

The resolution for how this all works out, is again sadly predictable, and follows with the staid cliché of pairings and titles over each character telling what happened at the end of the story.

“The Other Woman” would have benefited from a once over on the script, along with some much needed editing, thus deleting about thirty minutes from the film and speeding up the pace in the process. One salient thing about comedy to remember is that it is all about timing. In this case, it took way too much to get the time point across.

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