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The Osprey Hotel at Beaver Creek

The Osprey Hotel at Beaver Creek


The Osprey Hotel in Beaver Creek is a boutique hotel. It’s small, intimate and well worth your money if you are going to Beaver Creek.


8 reasons:

1) The ski lift is right outside the back door of the Osprey Hotel!

2) The ski valet room to store and dry your boots and skis is so close it's like your own personal closet!

3) They have a delicious omelette and breakfast buffet!

4) Each of the rooms have humidifiers! Hello calm hair!

5) Each of the rooms have closets so large the entire family (small Aunts and Uncles included) can sleep in there!

6) The Osprey has a gym, pool and a hot tub worth visiting!!

7) Favorite Part? Every room has a DVD player and downstairs in the lobby is a FREE movie machine!

8) The Osprey Hotel has a game room, complete with board games and an Xbox to keep that teen happy.

Bottom Line: The Osprey Hotel is right across the street from the main dining, shopping and ski area of Beaver Creek. They even have a cat walk bridge you can take over walking, skiing or....well...dancing!