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The original 'Frankenstein'



One of the new films coming to theatres this month is "I, Frankenstein." Over the years, there have been many movie versions of this famous horror story by Mary Shelley, which was published in 1818. One version is the comedy "Young Frankenstein." Another is the animated film "Frankenweenie." But the most well-known version is the classic film from 1931.

In "Frankenstein," Dr. Frankenstein (played by Colin Clive) is a mad scientist who is attempting to build a person from the body parts of corpses. His friends and family are worried about him since he has become obsessed with doing this. But his experiment works, and he keeps his creature (played by Boris Karloff) locked in a room. But when he escapes from the room, he creates chaos.

This movie is a little dated. In some scenes that are set outside, the backdrops do not look convincing. These scenes were obviously shot on a soundstage.

Despite this, the movie holds up very well. Colin Clive is excellent as Dr. Frankenstein. He shows his character is mad, but brilliant. Boris Karloff, in one of his first major roles, is equally good as the creature. He has no dialogue and makes his character memorable by the way he moves around. We feel sorry for him as we see he does not intentionally do anything wrong.

"Frankenstein" is a must-see for fans of classic horror. It is one of the most influential movies of its time.