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The only thing better than NeatReceipts® is NeatConnect®



It’s tax time and some of us are panicking at the mere thought of organizing our receipts and paperwork. While the rest will spend the next couple of weekends sifting and sorting. Save yourself a headache and finish in time to enjoy a lazy day in the Spring sunshine with NeatConnect. If you are familiar with NeatReceipts, you’ll love NeatConnect. If you’re not familiar with either one, welcome to the twenty-first century (Full disclosure: I’m a huge proponent of streamlining and I use NeatReceipts to help keep my records straight).

NeatConnect took all of the features and benefits of NeatReceipts and made them even better from set-up to cloud storage and with 1 wire connection. NeatConnect is slightly sleeker than NeatReceipts and still fits nicely in the corner of a desk or on a shelf. The set-up is as easy and completed in less than 3 minutes (if you include the time it took to remove it from the box). A touch-screen walks you through the install process and includes options like color or black and white; one side or two; and whether you want the pages separated or combined into one document/file. NeatConnect also has a sleep setting, self-maintenance and an onscreen tutorial, not that you would need it. It couldn’t be more user-friendly. NeatConnect is so simple, busy mompreneurs can hire their 5-year old to scan receipts for them while they cook dinner.

Neat products are not just about simplifying and organizing your receipts for April 15th. One of the key reasons why I like using the Neat products is that my office is consistently paperless. I owned 3 businesses at one time and managing paperwork can be a daunting exercise in “shuffling.” I’m keenly aware of the amount of paper that comes in and goes out of my office and home. I rarely keep hard copies of anything. Contracts, receipts, notes, brochures, business cards, articles, etc. you name it. It all gets scanned then it gets shredded. Give your shredder a workout and clear that file cabinet once and for all. Neat® is not just for business: handwritten notes, recipes, magazine clippings, etc. all of it can be scanned and stored.

Worried about needing documents later or your scanner breaking down? NeatCloud has you covered. As someone who is always on the go, I need to access my documents easily and quickly. With NeatCloud, you can log into your Neat account from anywhere (including from your phone with the NeatApp) and retrieve the documents you need, when you need them. If you are still a little weary of keeping your files in the “cloud,” you can still use NeatCloud to your advantage by scanning your documents to your desktop and then transferring them to an external hard drive. Still a “win-win.”

Mismanagement of papers/paperwork is the quickest way to self-inflicted grief. Solopreneurs without assistants can save themselves time and money by incorporating Neat products into their office system. Don’t let mounds of papers/paperwork keep you from being productive and having a handle on what’s going on in your business.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for NeatConnect and other Neat products. Maybe they should figure out a way to combine the features of Neat with a copy machine?