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The online world is under attack in Cybergeddon



Online series are all the rage these days with a lot of them getting some decent budgets, writing and cast to help them step things up more than in the past. In addition some of them are designed to be able to piece together as one long feature when all is said and done. Such is the case with Cybergeddon starring Rookie Blue star Missy Peregrym and Oliver Martinez, but does it have enough data to the feature to make it worth loading or will it be more of a critical error?

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Cybergeddon follows a special agent as she investigates a slew of seemingly unrelated cyber-attacks with fellow agent and an incarcerated master hacker. Together they must crack the worldwide cybercrime ring led by Gustov Dobreff before it is too late. This isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before on some level but does manage to be rather entertaining in a TV movie sort of way. Whether you know going into it or not, you can tell that there is a smaller nature to the over film without it ever feeling cheap. There isn’t too much to the story here, but they kept a streamlined time at just over an hour. Missy Peregrym is one of those actresses that is better when playing the tougher women so when given the right part is perfect and this is her show all the way. There is just enough humor to keep things light without trying to make anything too silly and never trying to take itself too serious. There is a bit of action as well that is fairly well done which is usually one of the first things that don’t work in these kinds of films.

While this film isn’t bringing anything all that new to the table it manages to still entertain. It leaves it wide open to continue so there may be more episodes planned and in turn a new film. If you checked out the online series or just like any of the actors involved give the film a try.

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