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'The One I Love' is the movie I can't tell you about

Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass in "The One I Love".
Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass in "The One I Love".©RADiUS-TWC

The One I Love


"The One I Love" is a movie that I found very enjoyable and would like to recommend to people for the way it twists familiar situations into something new and fun, but there is one problem: I'm not sure I can do it. You see, to get somebody interested in a movie, you must tell the person about the movie. I'm not sure I can tell you about "The One I Love". I mean, sure, I can tell you that I liked it. I could even tell certain people that I think they might like it. However, what I can't really do is tell anyone exactly what "The One I Love" is. Okay, I can tell you that it's a movie, but I'm not sure I could tell you more than that.

So, why can't I tell you what "The One I Love" is? Even telling you that ruins some of its fun. The ideal situation to watch this movie in would be to not know anything about it at all. The ideal situation would be just to have the movie start playing in front of your eyes suddenly without you even knowing what you are about to watch. I doubt that this situation would ever happen, however. I believe that people will need to know something about this movie before they will be willing to watch it. So, I believe I must tell people about this movie.

Basically, "The One I Love" is a story about a married couple whose relationship is falling apart. They are seeing a marriage counselor to help them repair their marriage and it is this counselor who suggests that they go stay for a weekend at this house he suggests. They agree to try this and go off to the house. It is at this house where things start to stray from the conventional plot you might expect.

Essentially, the couple tries to repair their marriage while staying at this house, as one would expect. However, they don't do it quite in the way that one would expect. "The One I Love" is a movie that takes familiar ideas and adds another layer to them that turns them into something new and thought-provoking. Its also a pretty funny movie as well. The acting here largely carries the movie and the two leads, Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, do a very good job with their roles in making things both funny and serious. "The One I Love" is part drama, part comedy, and part other things that I can't really tell you about.

There are certain movies that people just have to try out in good faith. There are certain movies that just have to be seen in order to have their full effect. "The One I Love" is one of these movies. I can't talk much about "The One I Love" to someone who hasn't seen it yet. What I can say is that I very much enjoyed "The One I Love" and that it offers a story that I found to be a quite engaging and fun twist on a simple dramatic set-up. "The One I Love" is a movie that is hard to talk about to someone who hasn't seen it, but I feel that after one has seen it, "The One I Love" is a movie that could spark some good conversation. So, if you are willing to take a chance on one hour and a half of your time then "The One I Love" just might be worth your time. That's pretty much all I can tell you.