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The Offspring headlined a revamped Pointfest Saturday in Saint Louis

Pointfest 2014 (32) in pictures, including The Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, A.F.I., Neon Trees, Blue October and Crosses.
Pointfest 2014 (32) in pictures, including The Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, A.F.I., Neon Trees, Blue October and Crosses.
Sean Derrick / Thyrd Eye Photography

Pointfest 2014 in St. louis


One of St. Louis’ favorite annual music festivals, Pointfest (staged every year, sometimes twice a year, by local alt rock mainstay 105.7 The Point) played out on the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater’s property on Saturday.

Davey Havok of A.F.I. soars through the air at Pointfest in Saint Louis Saturday
Sean Derrick/ Thyrd Eye Photography

Encompassing a total of four stages (one of which, The Pop’s Local Stage, was held on the North side specifically for St. Louis bands) the day started off at Noon on the two side stages. Aptly titled the White Stage and Black Stage the events were slow to start at best and laded with technical difficulties, delays and band overruns that forced the shortening of some sets for other bands.

Truth be told when the lineup for this years’ Pointfest was announced it was regarded in many circles with an anemic shrug of the shoulders. Compared to previous lineups which focused on a much heavier sound there was concern how the direction would play out live. It seemed for the most part of the side stages the tagline could have been “And the crowd went…mild”.
Thankfully, band like Band of Skulls, Crosses and Blue October saved the side stages from being a total snorefest. For the most part the White Stage bands rocked while most of the Black Stage bands snoozed. (Note: This review does not count the Pop’s stage as time did not allow for it).

That’s not saying the other bands were bad. On the contrary, they played like true professionals. They just didn’t have the energy and excitement (which carried over into the crowd) that Band of Skulls, Crosses and Blue October had. Aside from those three bands the crowd was laid back and quiet, and that could have contributed to what happened later.

The crowd was stoked for Crosses, a side project of Deftones’ lead singer Chino Moreno, chanting “Chino! Chino!” when they got glimpses of him prior to their set, which was delayed due to technical issues so much that they had to cut three songs from their setlist, unfortunately.

Seattle’s Head and the Heart killed any momentum that Crosses built up, however, with a set that would have been better suited at Loufest than Pointfest. Folk rock sandwiched in between two hard rock acts just doesn’t really cut it in terms of keeping the excitement going at a festival.

Over on the Main Stage Neon Trees had a nice set to start the entertainment under the roof. While not as hard as the other Main Stage acts A.F.I., Queens of the Stone Age or The Offspring they had a flamboyant and colorful set that included their hits “Animal” and “Everybody Talks”. Lead vocalist Tyler Glenn was flashy and energetic, working the crowd and wearing a shirt that read “RUN STL” in the same style as “RUN DMC”, and even doing his best Michael Jackson impression by standing on his tip toes to accent a note several times.

A.F.I. took the stage next with a hard driving 45 minute set that kept the crowd engaged. Lead vocalist Davey Havok worked the crowd like a true front man. Their set, although too short it seemed, was highlighted by their hit “Miss Murder.”

Queens of the Stone Age came out next. Vocalist/guitarist Josh Homme was his normal snarky self, cutting through a set list that included “Little Sister” and “No One Knows” with some bombastic backlighting and eerie mood lighting that added to the experience. However, Homme appeared upset at the end of the set tossing down his guitar and shaking his head as he walked off, cutting short the band’s set by at least 15 minutes. While there was no word as to what triggered this speculation has it the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm may have played a part.

The Offspring took advantage of this and came out early for a rousing set that kept many in the crowd dancing along. Aided by minimal lighting the visual show by The Offspring was in stark contrast to the technique employed by QotSA prior.

Lead singer/guitarist Dexter Holland (Along with guitarist Noodles, bassist Greg K. and drummer Pete Parada) jammed on stage for seventeen songs. Holland didn’t even stop to say hello to the crowd until “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” at nearly the end of the show. They explained to the crowd “We are having so much fun I guess we forgot to stop and say hi”. The crowd didn't seem to mind as they were having fun as well.

The Offsrping Setlist:
Bad Habit
All I Want
Come Out and Play
Days G By
Want You Bad
Have You Ever
Staring at the Sun
Gotta Get Away
Gone Away
Hit That
Why Don’t You Get a Job?
You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
(Can’t Get My) Head Around You
The Kids Aren’t Alright
Self Esteem

Queens of the Stone Age Setlist:
You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
No One Knows
My God Is the Sun
Burn the Witch
Smooth Sailing
Little Sister
If I Had a Tail
I Sat by the Ocean
Go With the Flow
A Song for the Dead

Neon Trees Setlist:
Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)
Moving in the Dark
Love in the 21st Century
Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover)
Sleeping With a Friend
Everybody Talks
First Things First

Blue October Setlist:
Say it
Light You Up
Into the Ocean
Bleed Out
Hate Me
Things We Do At Night

Crosses Setlist:
†his Is a †rick
Bi†ches Brew
†he Epilogue

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