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'The Odd Couple (1968)' Movie Review: Opposites attract

'The Odd Couple (1968)'
'The Odd Couple (1968)'

The Odd Couple (1968)


Felix Ungar (Jack Lemmon) has broken up with his wife. He is upset and in a bad way. Thoughts of suicide are running around in his head. Felix runs into his good friend Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau) and he tells him all about the breakup of his marriage. He tells him that he has nowhere to go and that he is considering killing himself. One problem is that Felix is such a neat freak he doesn't want to make a mess doing it.

Oscar invites Felix to come stay with him for awhile. Felix goes ahead and takes him up on it. As soon as Felix walks in the door of Oscar's apartment he is shocked at the mess. You see Oscar is not the cleanliest person around. Okay, he is a slob.

Now these two guys are about as opposite as you can get. Felix is a photographer and Oscar is a sport's writer. Felix is clean and Oscar is dirty. Felix is a worrier and Oscar couldn't care less. They are friends though, and that is all that matters.

That first night Oscar was having a poker game with friends. People like Vinnie (John Fiedler), Murray (Herb Edelman), and Roy (David Sheiner) and then there was Felix. Oh he fit in because he knew the guys but you just wanted to say he just didn't fit.

Anyway the guys make a go at it but they really get on each others nerves. One day they run into the Pigeon sisters who live in the building. Now the girls are from England and they are fun to talk to. Cecily and Gwendolyn (Monica Evans and Carole Shelley) accept the boys invite to go out. The evening is a success until Felix breaks down about his marriage. He falls apart and Oscar wants to kill him but the girls are upset to hear the bad news and try to cheer Felix up.

The adventures of the two are a laugh a minute. This is one of the greatest comedies of all time. So take a look to see if Oscar finally lets Felix kill himself or if the two stay friends.

Director Gene Saks does a great job with this comedy and literally makes it a national institution. This is a must for you to watch and laugh. Enjoy.