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The NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker; only MINI on size

NYNE Mini Bluetooth Speaker


The goodie of the day, is the NYNE Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With its space aged abstract looks, which could equate it something in Star Trek, is its technology up for the challenge?

It came with a full charge, so now, It became time to pair and test, then pair and test again. Other accessories included the necessary cords and a neoprene case with a carabineer hook.

It was paired at first with 3 Bluetooth devices;

· Apple iPhone 4

· MacBook Air running Mavericks

· Android Tablet running Kitkat

Pairing was fast and seamless on all three devices. You aren’t going to buy a speaker for its rapid pairing though, are you? No. You want to know what it will do for your auditory senses.

In looking through my iTunes library, I wanted to pick a range of songs in varying genres, to give the speaker the best test. It was tested with varying genres including;

· Hard Rock; Crazy Nights by Kiss

· Rap; It’s Tricky by Run DMC

· Oldies; Run around Sue by Dion and the Belmonts

· Soft Rock; Desert Moon by Dennis DeYoung

· Comedy; I’m Starvin’ by John Pinette

There was also an additional test as I watched the sound intensive opening of “Saving Private Ryan” via DVD, but also a concert on Netflix. To describe it in a word; Awesome. The base sounds were low and the guitar riffs were hot. The rap sounds vibrated the room. This speaker is as pleasing to the ears as it is to the eye.

To test its durability, I hooked it on to my bike. During my 20 mile ride, I took various dips, turns and bumps. Not once did it falter. The sound was constantly clear and crisp. The side bar here is that it is not meant to be clipped to a bike, but the carabineer clip was strong enough to hold it at handle bar level on a brake cable.

The last test was to see how it performed as a speaker phone. Perform, it did. On both ends, clarity was excellent. Sound and volume control could not be beat.

Over the last few years, many Bluetooth devices have appeared in this column, ranging from headsets, to headphones, speakers and speaker phones. Some have impressed, some, were forgettable. The NYNE Mini is a device made so the other ones can be forgotten.

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