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'The Notebook'

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A prince may learn a few things, but a king of real love a priceless treasure and wisdom beyond earth.


By Julie D. Griffin

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Once in a while in an ordinary life, love gives you a fairy tale. And then one day, she finally did. A girl who once had to give up the small town guy she once loved and lost touch of found him again. She once loved as he lived on another track away from her family societal home. The good rich guy, she let go of that guy and without a thought, thought maybe. God fills in where money don't, so maybe, just maybe it was still possible. Once she gets the guy, the former love of her life, her real best friend she refuses to go anywhere ever again. "It was an improbable romance ~ She had the world at her feet." And he a once and likely farm country boy by standard, and rehearsed a New York life offer from her which only made for a real fast first break-up. And on the young debutante went, off to college and a fast New York minute. Yet, in her heart of hearts, it was always him she craved. A rich guy, southern family later, and as she arobe a wedding gown cascade around her about to marry the wrong guy, she does the right thing. She runs away and she does not stop, and after she saw him on the front page of the local paper, probability of all improbabilities, she knows suddenly he is still there. Which gives him the courage to say after all of this time, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird." And it is not as if the whole time you watch it, you don't want to find a good courage day of a waterhole to swim on down the stream with. And though they had their differences, "They had one thing in common. They were crazy about each other." She goes away and she comes home. She stops by there. At the third year mark of college her whole life changes. The day she found him again. A mistake almost, although Allie Hamilton and the 1940's seems a day just like today. Just before she departed the man she only thought she loved, and did it just to please her parents for the high societal mandate, the first one who would have ruined her life said, "If you marry me, then you will have lost a lifetime battle against them." The one man assures her a truth, her own probe must personally consider. He, her real heart love, only she does not know that until with him again, almost as if they both looked at each other, and each heart alone told each other, I never thought I'd believe in fairies and magic dust again, but when we fell in love, you blew your kisses across my heart. She holds him in her arms, a once dumb young country boy some may had said. Or so she does not ever consider that, for he is her sweetheart and as he wanted to rebuild the fallen earth he bought for pennies from the top down, she saw who she really was for him. It is not the house, but the love that lives there. All because two people fell in love. A prince may learn a few things, but a king of real love a priceless treasure and wisdom beyond earth.

In the end, and of course Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gossling) makes sure and with a Nicholas Sparks, author of the original book for the basis of the movie, flair sure to ascertain same, that she does not get away from him again. A once summer friendship romance, based on the real life story of the grandparents of Sparks, the main setting of the Seabrook, North Carolina story, makes a very beautiful forever home for a young persons true romance which led to a lifetime together. Every last single second of the story captivates. From the moment he gets her to lay on the road beside him until the vibrate of a auto comes by, to the very second she remembers how fun drenched amidst the chill rain, linen thin dress matted to her body and a head raised to sudden laughter cusps on the gentle freedom of a small child. The film absolutely does rate as comparable to the film Splendor In The Grass. But the former film makes no comparison whatsoever to this one. And of course therefore, Love Is A Many Splendid Thing. Rated PG, for family friendliness.


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