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The New Vegan restaurant in Delray Beach

The New Vegan restaurant


The New Vegan is a pure vegan restaurant that has arisen from the previous Garden of Vegan restaurant at the same location in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. We went back to review yesterday, May 31, 2014 after a prolonged absence. The business has stayed afloat for slightly more than one year, which is a lifetime for downtown Delray Beach restaurants and we hope it is there for at least another ten years.

The New Vegan is the former Garden of Vegan restaurant in downtown Delray Beach, Florida.
Karl Dickey

The commitment by Chef Rahein Jones is astounding for not just putting out vegan food, however healthy vegan food. As many know, eating vegan does not always translate to healthy, clean eating. Chef Rahein only puts out a 100% vegan menu that is dairy free, soy free, wheat free, gluten free and GMO free ingredients.

We ordered their Kale Burger and their grilled cheese, along with a cup of their 'weight loss' coffee. Everything tasted amazing, and that is not an exaggeration. Both came with a side salad and an excellent brown rice/wild rice mixture. Even the coffee tasted excellent.

Expect to pay for the healthy food served at The New Vegan. For example, the grilled cheese will set you back $10 and the Kale Burger is $15. This is of little sacrifice to experience the ambrosia coming from The New Vegan's kitchen.

Chef Rahein lacks business experience and it shows. Many, including myself are willing to overlook that fact to savor Chef Rahein's food. The business still suffers from easy fixes such as professionalism within the restaurant and online. The crossover from The Garden of Vegan to The New Vegan has not made it online as there are inconsistencies with the website, Yelp and on Facebook. For example, Yelp states the restaurant is open seven days a week, however it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Many links from various sources still go to sites associated with its old persona, Garden of Vegan. It could have just been a problem yesterday with the air conditioning, however it was very hot and by the time I left I had sweat running down my back - not what patrons would like to experience while eating Rahein's excellent recipes. Chef Rahein could benefit from listening to, and taking the advice of, someone that has been successful in business to make improvements.

He is doing many things right serving some of the best vegan food in the South Florida area and creating a buzz with upcoming ABC news coverage and an event last week featuring vegan comic Josh Rosen. He is in an area of residents who can afford to pay for a $15 burger that is of far higher quality than the veggie burgers offered by nearby BurgerFi and The Office. It is safe to say, vegans will be happy regulars at The New Vegan located at 528 NE 2nd Street in downtown Delray Beach, Florida.

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