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The New 52 Future End #0 review

Reviewed by xoNerdyGirl

Future End #0


A ton of comics were available on Free Comic Book Day. Future End #0 was available for free and it sets up the beginning of a new series from DC. The comic beginnings with a group of people people running from these robot bugs that are out to kill them. There are both small and large bugs. The 1st large bug we see is a Wonder Woman bug. Flash and some other supers have to fight this bug. The bug is saying, "Eye is all. Eye is order." After they defeat the Wonder Woman robot Frankenstein appears. He asks Flash to join Brother Eye. Flash tells him to go to Hell and Flash is then destroyed. We see that this is happening all over the world. We see all of our favorite heroes turned into scary bug things out to kill the others that are left. We then head to Wayne Manor where we find Batman Beyond, Terry and Bruce Wayne working on a way to save the world. It's there we find out that Brace Wayne and Mr. Terrific built this Brother Eye, the thing that is not destroying the world. So Bruce is working on building a time machine to go back and fix what he had done. As they are powering up the time machine the bugs bust in and the battle ends with Bruce taking a fatal hit. Now it is up to Terry to travel back in time to save the world from this Brother Eye.

This comic is really exciting. There is a ton of action going on everywhere, but not so much that it gets hard to follow along. This story seems to have it all; action, battles, robots, a mysterious Brother Eye, and time travel. Can Terry save the future? Can he save all the amazing people that get turned into scary robot bugs? At the end of reading this I definitely feel like I'm hanging off a cliff. I need to know what happens next. The 1st issue of Future End will be available on May 7, 2014.

Did you pick up this book on Free Comic Book Day? What did you think about?