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'The Nelson Scandal', a charming cozy mystery by Arkansas' Jackie Griffey

The Nelson Scandal


Jackie Griffey’s charming cozy mystery The Nelson Scandal: Maryvale Cozy Mystery Series Errival, set in the small town of Maryvale, opens with murder, gossip, a local election and a woman with psychic abilities. Just imagine the possibilities! Sheriff Cas Larkin is investigating two homicides which are seemingly not connected, although the victims were both drug users. While Larkin is looking into these murders, his wife Connie is poking into a much older mystery involving the town’s founder and a family scandal that may have led to his early demise. This hundred-year-old case is made all the more interesting by the strange happenings that take place while Connie is doing research. Could there be a ghost on the loose?

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Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Arkansas writer Jackie Griffey’s style is, as usual, colorful, entertaining and very natural. Her dialog is particularly appealing and the protagonist is likable. Griffey has a definite gift for this genre. The fact that this story is so eventful, exploring more than one mystery helps to hold the reader’s interest, keeping things moving at a good pace. This is the first book in Griffey’s Maryvale series. She is also the author of many other books including Recipe for Trouble; Dead on Arrival; and Merrywinds: A Dowry Girls Adventure.