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The Nazi invasion begins again with ‘Iron Sky Directors Cut’ on Bly-ray

Iron Sky Directors Cut


There are movies that come along that look and sound completely ridiculous. These same films, if handled right have ended up being some of the most entertaining films around. Iron Sky is one of those films with a cool title and a premise that is literally out of this world and insane beyond belief. Could this be another of the films that takes its silly concept and delivers a fun film that will suck fans right in or just be another that comes off stupid and a waste of time?

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Iron Sky follows the final moments of WWII where the Nazi’s escaped destruction using their secret space program to escape to the moon. After hiding and building a new army on the moon for 70 years, they are returning to Earth ready for war. This movie is just so awesome for so many reasons. Of course it’s over the top ridiculous, it’s supposed to be. The whole premise makes little to no sense, yet at the same time it makes complete sense. If you can get in on the joke you will be in for a surprisingly fun film. The acting is average at best, but still manages to not come off bad like a lot of these types of films. Make no mistake this is a science fiction comedy, but keeps itself out of the realm of being a spoof to deliver something original and entertaining. What really makes this film work and step up out of the realm of low budget goofiness are the effects. They are really well done delivering an epic feel to the space and invasion sequences.

It’s amazing and a bit unbelievable, but somehow over the years the Nazi’s have gone from being a deplorable military group, to a subject matter that seems to make every film better. It’s not so much the Nazi’s as they just make great villains to deal with whether it’s an action adventure hero fighting against them, them coming from the center of the earth, returning as zombies or invading from space they seem to take films in a whole new direction and Iron Sky is no different. If you love these sorts of over the top films, then you will not want to miss Iron Sky. This directors cut release not only features the film that runs twenty minutes longer than the original release it also features new special effects, new music from Laibach, 90 minute documentary, photo gallery, trailers, a 32 page exclusive concept art book all packaged in an limited edition Steelbook available now.