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The musical and slasher genres clash in blood with “Stage Fright”

Stage Fright


The horror genre continues to bring some of the most interesting takes on the genre. When you think of a slaher film, one of the last things you think of is musical, but that is exactly what the latest film Stage Fright is bringing to the mix. While it has Minnie Driver in a small role and Meat Loaf in the cast it sticks to the usual lesser knowns, but does it manage to bring something new and different to the genre or will it miss the note all together?

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Stage Fright follows a snobby musical theater camp that is terrorized by a blood-thirsty killer who hates musical theater. This is one of those films that tries something new out and is hit and miss. It will likely work for some just due to the quirkiness of it all. Make no mistake, this is a full on musical with numerous musical numbers throughout but with most of them being pretty funny manage to make it entertaining. The slasher side of the story is pretty generic with the usual clichéd storyline, but works well keeping you guessing as to who might be the killer. One of the most important things about a slasher film is a good killer and they have a fun one here. The performances were actually better than most you get out of this genre, but still nothing that will be tearing up the industry. A lot of the movie is just plain silly, but you can let some of that go thanks to them pulling no punches with the kills and letting the blood flow and showcasing gore a plenty. At times it is almost like two films are running side by side with the musical teen comedy on one and the slasher on the other and somehow they crash into each other. Surprisingly they mesh fairly well, but won’t be for everyone.

This is one of those strange quirky films that if you get it and just let it do its thing is pretty fun, but is only going to engage a select few. Make no mistake there is plenty of songs for the musically obsessed and enough spewing blood to keep the gore hounds happy, but are these both the same fans and can they co-exist to enjoy this film? Thankfully these types of films are subjective so check it out for yourself and you decide, either way you decide and prepare to not only break a leg, but cut it completely off with Stage Fright.