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The Muse will take you by storm

The Muse by Isabelle Esling will take you by storm
Donna M. Kshir / Donna Kshir

The Muse, Isabelle Esling


Life is a mystery; you never know what is going to happen from one second to the next. Even in the darkest situations when everything can seem lost, love always seems to find a way to bring you closer to the one you love and get you through any situation. Sometimes what appears to be a misfortune is an opportunity in disguise. Although at the time it may not seem that way.

For most people in a long committed relationship life for others can seem greener on the other side that is until you reach the other side, and it is no "greener" or better. In the end... true love is the only thing that really matters.

Dolores Fernandez, a Spanish native was living happily in Murcia; working as a radio producer for national Channels. She had a boyfriend to die for, a lovely family and wonderful friends, but the economic crisis taking place in Spain was scaring Dolores. She decided to grab a chance and participate to the Green Card Lottery. In America, she thought she would be able to better her situation and come back to Spain in excellent conditions-or so she thought.

Dolores got lucky and won the Green Lottery.

After the first euphoria is gone, Dolores suddenly realizes that she has to sacrifice her love life to live on her own in NYC. Even then life in NYC becomes a routine of boredom. Afraid of being alone in a big City, Dolores lacks courage to leave her current boyfriend.

When everything seems lost, love always seems to knock at the door in the most unusual places… Someone, different and very special will enter into Dolores life. The young girl never expected to be a successful writer's source of inspiration.

On a cold December night, two strangers in the night unite. If you are fond of love stories, The Muse will take you by storm.

I have several Isabelle Esling books but I must say, The Muse is by far my favorite.

The Muse can be purchase in paperback or digital formats at:

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