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'The Muppets' is a charming classic

The Muppets


When the Muppet Studios fall prey to evil oil baron, it is up to the Muppets, led by Kermit the Frog, to host a telethon and raise money to save the studio before their dream is lost forever.

the Muppets

One thing that stands out the most about this film is that it asked the question: “What would happen if the world forgot about the Muppets?” When newcomer Walter and his friends Gary and Mary journey to Los Angeles to fulfill Walter’s lifelong dream of seeing the Muppets, they discover that the Muppet family has been torn asunder and their beloved home has been abandoned. While it is uncertain why the Muppets chose to go their separate ways, what is clear is that they must be reunited in order to save the Muppet Studios from being destroyed by oil baron, Tex Richman, in order to satisfy his own selfish motives. The trio unites with Kermit the Frog and encourages him (and the rest of the Muppets) to put aside their differences and the fact that the world has apparently forgotten them and put on one last show.

Kermit and Miss Piggy have always shared a unique bond. While Miss Piggy has always been passionate about her feelings for her beloved frog, Kermit’s feelings for her, while genuine, are hidden under layers of frustration. When we are reunited with Kermit and Miss Piggy, it is immediately clear that all is not well with them. When Kermit goes to Paris to find Miss Piggy, she reveals that the reason for their fractured relationship is that Kermit refused to marry her. When Miss Piggy is sitting alone in her office, we see her gazing at a torn photograph of Kermit. This photograph is significant because it was taken during their wedding in the film "Muppets Take Manhattan". Their wedding was meant to be part of a play, but Miss Piggy secretly switched Gonzo (who was to play the minister) with a real minister. This deception apparently resulted in Kermit discovering the truth and ultimately abandoning Miss Piggy and their relationship. When Kermit goes to express his feelings to Miss Piggy in her dressing room, he takes the other half of the photograph from a drawer. When he turns around, he finds Miss Piggy holding her half of the photograph. As the broken halves are reunited, Kermit is finally able to tell Miss Piggy how he feels about her and their love, like the photograph, is healed.

"The Muppets" is a story tinged with heartwarming characters, an exceptional musical score, a well-crafted story, and an endless plethora of humor. While the human cast adds an undertone of reality to the story and plays a huge role in doling out humor, the Muppets are truly at the heart of the movie. Considering the fact that they have been gone for twelve years, the essence of what makes these characters so special and unique is still very much intact. They still possess the quality of having a believably human spirit even though they are not humans at all.