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The Monks of Mellonwah Hope To Turn The People

Monks of Mellonwah


Having familiarity with the Monks of Mellonwah, the band is one of the most impressive rock groups immersing the world of alternative music. Their newest project, Turn The People, is a 13 track collection, that is distinctive, masterful and sharp covering a blend of facets unique to the band.

The Monks of Mellonwah - Turn The People
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The opener, "Ghost Stories," is a hauntingly produced pieces that is ready for radio, not because of its deep lyrics and indie liveliness while "Tear Your Hate Apart," is one of the best songs among the set. Sounding like a mix of Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers but with a cinematic creativity, the lead vocalist Vikram Kaushik seems set on driving home two points: that he can effortlessly sing and can be quite introspective.

"Pulse" feels similarly in its sound and deserves a place on an iPod playlist. "Sailing Stones" is more progressive than other songs presented on Turn The People and maturer than the songs featured on their EP, Neurogenesis. "Downfall," is rock at its purest, full of the hardcore embellishments typically present in alternative music, while the finale, "Sky And The Dark Night - Part 2 - Control" sets the listener up for wanting more tracks and being anxious for more Monks of Mellonwah music.

It is perhaps their creative display of rock and thematics that are different and diverse from other rock bands that exist these days. Guitarist Joe de la Hoyde noted that they "want [their] music to be an emotive journey that takes the listener to the heart of their own inner selves" and on Turn The People, that mission is unequivocally achieved.

Final Grade: A

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