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'The Millers'

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Jennifer Aniston guides her husband and family with the wisdom of a seeming sage.


By Julie D. Griffin

Jennifer Aniston stars as a perfect mother. And while most people would be terrified do this, Aniston plays a woman who apprehensive to help a stranger who makes a weird proposition to her, departs from a secure salary to navigate the world of marijuana smuggling with her now by hire husband and two teenage children. The Millers embark upon an adventure to go into Mexico and while the visit a first time for all, enjoy many lovely and strange sights along the way. The children, actually foster or street children hired off of the street are not supposed to know what is going on, only that they now have a family. The film however does explore satire regarding common family issues and the strange career choice of the father. With the high cost of utilities, food and other necessities a small time business person, his hired wife, had to work as a stripper just to keep food on the table. Flashdance a common analogy, at least that and some darn Sweet Emotion keeps her out of the frying pan and saves the lives of her family ~ And as special past skills pay off, she works just as every other mother with child psychology at helping them turn out right. Why can't we all just get along, and with spending habits waning these days, the economy gets a boost. Even people you would never suspect in a million years actually gain such support behind the scenes. And those who hide and cover up for them, but not unseen or unknown about, the biggest hypocrites of them all, in the end this is why you end up loving Aniston the most. The makeshift family experiences everything from the prodiginal camping trip, spider bites, and helping the children to understand things about themselves, and ends up bonding together through hard times and realizing a love for each other despite the plans of others to destroy them all. The family begins to start changing and emerging as a more functional family unit. At least Aniston and her co-star emerge as a couple, and eventually placed in witness protection and given a great big home with all of the amenities. From a place of never love again, it seems Aniston portrays a woman who got blessed enough to be able to give love a chance.


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