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'The Mexican (2001)' Movie Review: Confusion galore

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The Mexican (2001)


Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt)was driving along and runs into Mobster Arnold Margolese (Gene Hackman). The accident wasn't too bad but it was the body in the trunk of Margolese's car that gets him 5 years in prison. The man wasn't dead but he sure was beaten up. So to pay back Margolese, Jerry goes to work for him.

Jerry and his girlfriend, Samantha Barzel (Julia Roberts) have for awhile been having trouble in their relationship. Now they have an idea of going to Vegas to rekindle their relationship, but Jerry has to go to Mexico on orders of the number two man Bernie Nayman (Bob Balaban) in Margolese's organization. This is supposed to be the last job that Jerry has to perform but Samantha is upset and goes to Vegas alone.

Jerry heads to Mexico to pick up an old gun for Margolese. While in Mexico it becomes clear to Jerry that this is not going to be a simple job.

In Vegas Samantha is also starting to have some troubles of her own. She meets up with a man who calls himself Leroy but whose real name is Winston Baldry (James Gandolfini). Winston is a hit man and is really after Jerry and the gun.

Eventually everybody ends up in Mexico and Jerry has the gun. All he has to do is deliver it and his jobs are over for Margolese. Confusion galore overtakes this simple job and turns it into an adventure. Jerry will eventually get together with Samantha and have to fight off the bad guys, but the problem is as time goes on it is not easy to see who the bad guys are.

Director Gore Verbinski has a great cast with this film. He is able to work the script well enough for this movie to become actually enjoyable. The film has its light hearted moments and is not all blood and guts. This is one of those films that you can sit back, enjoy, and actually feel good about it after your done. So take a look at 'The Mexican' and if you can find it on DVD then by all means this is one for your library.