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'The mermaid and the shoe' book review

A photo of a white haired mermaid
Photo: Jolante at Flickr

The Mermaid and the Shoe by K. G. Campbell


"The mermaid and the shoe" written and illustrated by K.G. Campbell is a great children's picture book. I loved the character of Minnow. Her determination and will to learn, discover, and persevere made her a engaging and likable character. Children who will read this book and will fall in love with not only the incredibly well written plot, but with the rich and soft illustrations.

I found myself absorbed in the story from page one. Despite the challenge that Minnow faced she didn't give up on herself. She knew that she held an important role and she did whatever she could to find the answers she sought. This book takes walks us through the life of King Neptune's fifty beloved daughters. Each of his daughters was special in her own way. Some of his daughters had great talents and others were highly skilled, but one Minnow. She wasn't sure what areas she was gifted in. Nevertheless, Minnow was going to explore many different talents and skills until she found her niche.

I would definitely recommend this book for young children. There is a wonderful lesson to be learned about determination, perseverance, and finding your talents. This would also be a great interactive read-aloud for the classroom, it would ideally lead into a lesson about what skill, talents, or activities the children are good at.