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The medieval and zombie genres collide for Knight of the Dead

Knight of the Dead


Over the years the medieval genre has been one that has maintained loyal fans, but has always been hit and miss with the final results. Thanks to shows like Game of Thrones it is has gotten even more popular, but sadly the quality more often than not still waivers. The latest Knight of the Dead looks to blend this popular genre with the dominating aspect of the undead to bring something new to the table, but is it able to make it work or should it have never dug its way out of the grave?

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Knight of the Dead follows a band of crusading knights escorting the Holy Grail that are forced into a forbidden valley of Black Death. What they discover is far more terrifying than the plague. Overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, their only chance for survival is to hack and slash their way to freedom. Visually this film looks great and really brings the tone to the period needed to make this film work, but sadly that is about where it ends. The story is fine, but the pacing is really slow for most of it with some aspects all over the place and never really finds its footing. There is plenty of sword wielding action but none of it does much to save this film. There are a few decent moments, but most of those actually doing the fighting are either suffering from lack of experience or bad choreography but either way they just didn’t work. There are some decent gore moments, but for something dealing with knights and zombies you would have thought there would have been so much more.

This film actually had everything it needed to be a great zombie film except for the finished product. There is little plot, haphazard action, and some uninspired zombies which makes this film one that will most likely disappoint any of those hardcore fans of any of those genres.