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The Medal Round

beer olympics


Since the Olympics are on I thought it would be nice to see who wins the medals in the local beer event. Now these results are impartial and no undue influence has been used on the judge. To start, we have the category of Best Pale Ale/IPA.

Now remember the beers will only be local. This is not going to be an easy decision because Tennessee has some really good local beer. Coming in the bronze position is Pecker Wrecker from Cool Springs Brewery. This beer in my opinion put this brewery on the map and is always good. It is my favorite beer and never ceases to bring a smile to my face. In the silver position is Yazoo Pale Ale. This beer is of course Nashville's beer and is one of the best pale ales I have had. This was my first local beer after moving to Nashville many years ago. The gold medal goes to Tennessee Brew Works Cutaway IPA. This beer brewery is still very young but signs seem to point to a long history for this brewery.

It is always the best way to go no matter what your celebrating. Theses are just what I think. I would like to know what you all think. Let me know what beers make your list.

Also don't forget that the Flying Saucer is going to have their glass night on Friday. So if your still looking for the perfect brewery Valentine's Day maybe head to Cool Springs Brewery or try a local pub crawl to Tennessee Brew Works, Yazoo and Jackalope and top it off with the Saucer. As always you can follow me on twitter and untappd @princessofhops.