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The Master Designer -- The Song

The Master Designer - The Song


The Master Designer – The Song is an awe-inspiring film about the world’s most fascinating creations and the secrets they hold to the universe. Creation holds the imprints of a master designer.

Host Brian Corsetti leads us on a trek into the world we live in and shows us wonders in creation that, thanks to science and technological advancement, can now be known to us. The animals themselves provide clues about creation in their own intricate designs.

Bees, for example, possess a highly sophisticated GPS; they can find and then locate again special kinds of much needed pollen – even if it is far from their honeycomb. Once they locate it, they communicate to the other bees where it is by doing a distinctive dance, which somehow maps the way to the treasures flowers. Incredible.

And bees, like many other animals, have changed the course of man’s history. Corsetti explains all this and more in The Master Designer – The Song.

Such beauty, such intricate detail and such intelligence evoke the age-old question: how did this all come about?

Here is what others say about The Master Designer – The Song:

"A captivating and compelling look at God's hand in Creation. A solidly Bible-based film that is beautifully done." - American Family Association

“A masterful nature journey that skillfully handles the evidence for design! Every family should see this beautiful film!” - Josh D. McDowell, Author and Speaker

Originally a TV series, The Master Designer – The Song received numerous endorsements and two Telly Awards (Documentary & Nature). It is now released in DVD and Blu-ray, brought to us by Exploration Films, a company that distributes faith-based films.

A great film to add to your DVD collection. Meanwhile, don't miss The Son of God, out this weekend. Find a local San Diego theater near you.

This story will also appear in Assist News Service.

Janey DeMeo M.A.

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