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The magic of Magick Moss

Magick Moss Fairy Food, Magick Moss Goat's Milk Soap, Magick Moss Glycerin Soap, Magick Moss Sachets


Bright Blessings.

Magick Moss Products
Magick Moss

Today we take a look at the Magick Moss as part of our series on Pagan business and product reviews. First encountered at the Hazel Park Art Fair, and then at the Yuletide Maker's Faire and Chilly Chili Cookoff and Elf March, it was unavoidable that this writer had to try the array of scented and beautifully packaged products. Local and very friendly merchants, this was the beginning of a journey into Fairy Land.

First up were the sachets. Highly scented and fairly priced, even now over a month later after exposure to open air, they have retained their scent. Unlike some handmade offerings for small vendors, the fabric bag was somewhat reinforced with hidden stitching designed to be durable enough to withstand even the most enthused ten year old in this household's abuse.

Next up were the soaps. Cast in molds in the shapes of butterflies, dragonflies, and other cutie pie creatures from you local forest and meadow, they gave off a wonderful kef. The kinds tested were a Goat's Milk, Glycerin Soap and a Glycerin and Shea butter soap. Both were colored with food safe ingredients and clearly labeled for content.

The Goat's Milk soap was very creamy and sudsy. The feel was very silky, and the scent not overpowering. It would be a good soap for a guest soap. Not something to use after garden work, but definitely a good choice for a mildly scented cleaning.

The Glycerin bar was next. Very slippery, as most glycerin bars are. Very moisturizing to the skin, and recommended for the face by this writer as a most enjoyable indulgence. Be advised that it will dissolve relatively quickly, but it is priced competitively, so not a down point. Not an everyday soap, but great for a self care beauty day.

Also of note was the Fairy Food sachet. The scent chosen to review was Lavender. Again, still very strong and came in a glitter fabric bag. A thoughtful touch added by the creator was a poem included at the top of the header

"Nor Wind, nor Rain, nor Stormy Night,

Can Keep Fairies from Mischievous Delight....."

Don't want to give away the shop here, so just the first two lines in a longer poem.

The products by this artisan clearly represent the care with which they are created. Though a small business, there are enough products that it would not be surprising to see this product line picked up by local shops to help stock their own shelves. Small businesses helping each other is what it is all about, after all.

To view more of their products, including their line of needle arts, please visit their page on Facebook.

These products earn a thumbs up.


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