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The Magic by Rhonda Byrne-A Book Review

28 Days of Gratitude

Magical Improve Your Life


From the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne once again touches our lives with another wonderful and inspiring book called The Magic. Byrne does use many of the philosophies and concepts as The Secret, but unlike The Secret Byrne creates a journey for us to follow and commit to with The Magic. The title in itself is already powerful. However, the words written on the pages really speaks to the readers and will make you re-examine your appreciation for life. In The Magic, Byrne takes us on a journey for 28-days of gratitude. She introduces to us what it means to be grateful and in return for our gratitude we will receive in abundance love, wealth, and happiness. It is about applying the positive vibration of the laws of attraction in order to be truly fulfilled. Creating positive thinking can do wonders in how you feel, the relationship you build, and the wealth you accumulate.

According to Byrne, as children we believe in magic and that anything is possible just as long as we believe. We enjoy life and are so much happier. Of course, as we get older and are given more responsibilities, that magical feeling begins to fade. We replace our care-free nature with worries, stress, and feeling of disappointments. Some of us even begin to lose hope that none of our wishes and dreams will become reality. Thus causing us to become unappreciative and ungrateful for what we have and who we have in our life. Many of us are not even aware that we are ungrateful. It seems that being negative as we get older is a part of life because we experienced so much more than those that are younger than us. Yet, the experiences we endure or are enduring does not have to create negative thinking in our minds and hearts. Instead, we can fill it will appreciations and gratifications.

Byrne believes that as long as we continue to keep the magic in our hearts alive and feel truly grateful for what we have, we can once again be care-free and happy. By changing our way of thought, anything can be achievable. In her book, Byrne challenges us to go on a 28-day magical journey of gratitude to enrich our lives and see how truly magical life can be. No matter what our situation is, or what relationship we are in, or obstacles we may face; obtaining happiness can always be obtained through the power of gratitude. This is not just a book for those who are feeling ungrateful and unappreciative about life. It can be very inspiring to even those who may think they are already grateful. How? Because you will find that by being more grateful, you are filling your life with more love, more good health, more happiness, and more wealth. How wonderful is that!

The Magic is truly a wonderful and inspiring read for everyone. Each of us can definitely use more abundance in our life. To those who do pick up this book to read and commit to the 28-days of gratitude, you will be rewarded. Your life will be more magical than you can ever imagine.

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