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The Magellan Echo watch; Smarter than a mensa member

The smartest watch you will ever wear

Magellan Echo Smart Watch


Activities with your iPhone just got a little easier and maybe even added some fun to the mix. With the release of The Magellan Echo watch, major problems while Running, Hiking and even exercising with your iPhone may have just been solved. Those problems are, viewing and controlling fitness apps while the phone is on your arm, in your pocket, or otherwise untouchable.

Now, thanks to Magellan harnessing Bluetooth Smart technology, The Echo actually displays real-time data from your iPhone and the installed (compatible) fitness apps. That means, to quote Matthew Wilder; “Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride, Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no. I got to keep on movin'. Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, I'm running and I won't touch ground, Oh-no, I got to keep on movin'”

At a glance, you can see distance, pace, heart rate and more from fitness apps in real-time. How about your music choice? Whether you love it or not, you can have complete control over it through your Echo. With The Echo, you can start, skip, and pause any song so you'll never miss a beat.

Testing was done on an iPhone 4s running iOS 7.xx. So how does it work? In a nutshell, I really could not find any cons to this device, except perhaps a magnification function for those of us that have less than perfect vision and bi-directional communications, you know, Secret Service stuff.

The set up was a breeze, it comfortable to wear, and really felt almost weightless. I am not a runner of any kind, but hiking and skiing are definitely fortes of mine.

In my area of New England, there are many trails, both on and off the beaten path. I also like to don my favorite Rossi ST Comps and hit a few double black diamonds from time to time. This watch is the perfect partner. With the iPhone safely tucked away in a padded area of my jacket, I was able to command the music and all of the compatible apps with one finger and the watch. This is basically a god send. I was able to ski, hike and simply relax with my iPhone out of site and the Echo watch on my wrist. At any given moment, I saw the time, the distance I travelled, my speed (funny when you are skiing) and my rate, ie pace. The chairlift only went 5-6 mph, while I at full throttle hit the 25 mph mark. It also transmitted my elevation which appeared to be accurate within inches, as it detected my up and down movements on the moguls and other jumps.

As for simply hiking in the woods, you certainly don’t want to get lost when it is below freezing and an near 0 wind chill. This watch, paired with your phone will get you back within feet of your starting point.

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer born c. 1480, and along with his crew were the first Europeans to enter the Pacific Ocean. They were also the first to successfully circumnavigate the globe. It is because of his reputation in history, that his name is put on the modern day version of compasses and astrolabes that he might have used.

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