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‘The Love Punch’: Hopkins brings a new type of comedy dealing with today’s issue

‘The Love Punch’


A modern day “Pink Panther” story that will definitely entertain and even make you laugh. Just imagine going to work one day and find out the company is closed and all your investments were with that company. What would you do? This film will bring you on a trip that will show you the wrong way to solve this dilemma.

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Ketchup Entertainment, Process Media, Love Punch, and Radar Films.
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Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Tuppence Middleton, Timothy Spall, and Celia Imrie.

A divorced couple, Richard (Pierce Brosnan) and Kate (Emma Thompson), find that life can be lonely when your youngest child, Sophie (Tuppence Middleton), finally goes off to college. Richard, one week away from retirement, finds out that the company he works for has closed and their pension has been sold off. He goes to see his ex-wife Kate, who recently received her PHD and is teaching online courses, to tell her that her pension is gone as well.

With the help of their son, Matt (Jack Wilkinson), they locate the company, Lexon, in Paris, France and its owner, Vincent Kruger (Laurent Lafitte), a French financer. The Company and pension was sold for a Ten million dollar diamond that Vincent bought to give to his finance, Manon Fontaine (Louise Bourgoin) as a wedding present.

They decide to go to Paris and try to find a way to get their money back. When they get there they find out that it is going to be more difficult than they thought. The couple must find a way to get the pension back even if they have to steal the diamond. They decide to crash Vincent and Manon’s wedding. To get into the wedding they must pose as two Texan couples that Vincent has never met. Needing another couple, they call their friends and neighbors Jerry (Timothy Spall) and Penelope (Celia Imrie) from England.

Director Joel Hopkins does an excellent job with the storyline giving a small hint of the crazy “Pink Panther” films. He is also able to add some romance and reinventing a lost marriage to the story. Hopkins continues by adding a unique type of villain to the story that can relate to the economic situations of today. Lastly, he institutes a very nice comedy script that will surely to entertain. This fantastic comedy does well incorporating a revenge scheme that rivals the old Peter Seller’s films.

Final Grade: I give this a B for its wonder storyline and fantastic comedy.

Release Date: May 23, 2014

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Tuppence Middleton, Timothy Spall, and Celia Imrie.

Director: Joel Hopkins

Writer: Joel Hopkins

Runtime: 94 minutes (1 hour and 34 minutes)

MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some sexual content, language and rude humor.

Genre: Comedy

Production Company: Ketchup Entertainment, Process Media, Love Punch, and Radar Films.

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