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The Lost Abbey releases Agave Maria

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Agave Maria tequila barrel-aged ale by The Lost Abbey


The craft beer market is saturated with a plethora of barrel-aged beers. Plenty of breweries take their heaviest offering, throw it in a bourbon barrel and wait for the oak to do its work. While many of these concoctions would be enough to make a cooper beam with pride that his work could add so much flavor, the best ones are when the base beer is designed with the barrel in mind. The Lost Abbey did just that with their newest beer, Agave Maria, which released on Friday.

As the name implies, Agave Maria is a celebration of tequila. Lost Abbey’s brewers start with a strong ale made with agave nectar. Using the nectar of the plant that eventually becomes tequila makes for a wonderful marriage between beer and barrel as the ale rests for a minimum of ten months in Añejo and Reposado tequila barrels. From beginning to end, this beer is definitely agave-centric.

The beer pours a dark brown without a lot of carbonation. The aroma is definitely tequila, but it has very little burn on the tongue. The flavor has plenty of dark fruit and caramel with plenty of added flavor from the oak barrels. This beer is 13.5% alcohol, so it’s best to be sipped like a fine tequila.

Agave Maria is the newest seasonal offering from The Lost Abbey, and should reappear every spring. Availability extends throughout The Lost Abbey’s distribution network in 375ml bottles, and limited draft. Bottles of Agave Maria are also available at The Lost Abbey's tasting room for $15.

For many of us, beer and tequila are the start of a story. That story may be good or bad, but it’s usually the beginning of a story you hear the next day from someone else. Agave Maria’s partnership between beer and tequila definitely has a story to tell, and you’ll probably want to listen.