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'The Lone Ranger' And Moon Shadow Justice

A black horse appears to signify the theft of Indian land.


By Julie D. Griffin

It is better not to ever take the mask off, said Tonto.  (Played By Johnnie Depp). He was right.
Walt Disney

~ A spirit walker lives forever.

It is better not to ever take the mask off to begin with advised Tonto. He was right. And the Indian played by actor Johnnie Depp also said that all else drops dead at the natural task. The fear of the first white horse, the spirit horse, he also said that dead men strike fear into the heart of an enemy. During 1869 in Texas, around the same time as the history of that sucession of the state going on, there came a time when good people had to wear a mask. And no doubt for the military unredemption to scarf up Indian land illegally. Everything in this west is fine until the priest shows up on the train. But at least even that brings an arsenic parody to light. Especially as one army rehearses a lie. As long as there is peace between us, all land treatises shall be honored. The future is bright ladies and gentlemen. A film review after the fact and the other film review makes a point that art does imitate art. They say it is nothing personal. But Nathan Cole, prosecutor goes after the wrong man or woman, and hardly seems to know how to find the proper male criminal he is supposed to prosecute. Francis Amasa Walker, a real person who lived during the period time of the film seems the perfect description of the brother of the masked marauder who the gangster outlaw Butch Cavendish of the others cut his heart out more or less and flee. The former, who appointed as the head person of The Bureau of Indian Affairs worked hard most of his life as a statistician, later aspired to the role of a company president, and does not seem to have done one thing for Indian kind during the whole run of his tenure with the responsibility for that. Ruth Wilson as Rebecca Reid plays the perfect role of an unfaithful wife, ungrateful that her suddenly dead husband left her a small son, her husband a fresh grave she tries to put the make on the masked marauder, Armie Hammer as John Reid, who wisely tells her she is not his kind, and he cannot stay with her. He leaves the small town further westward ho to California. Tonto has a chance to rethink the consideration of his childhood and the mistake he made by selling his tribe out for an ounce of silver pocket watch.

B.W. Reid, reads the deputy star. Men dressed as Indians who before that evil, dark frontier precinct the wild, wicked west made matte genre out of the Comanche. And none else but Butch Cavendish rested with a more genteel hatred among the tuft between the Death Valley Pass or otherwise known as The Valley of Tears. Rivers here run red. At one saloon, and one saloon only, she asks under a portrait of torts de le cage' who the ballet dancer dressed up as a saloon marm to find the man who ruined her life and ruin his back. Were that it were though as the film review of another prior film review, in short that Kimosabe thinks he knows it all, has a lot more to learn and the things and the men he only thinks in place, some die away, and still others wet behind the ears as well. The Black Horse ~ Shows up as the Comanche who falsely accused of violating the travesty of a treaty to stay off of the land they originally homesteaded and lived on, the film while a Walt Disney children's film and with the kind of situation here which while an extremely unfair historical event, also showed more violence for a child film during one of the murder scenes, than traditionally expected. However, the performance of Johnnie Depp as Tonto, and he as one of the duo of the hero team of Tonto and the Lone Ranger, his portrayal of the real Indian definitely spoke a volume of 2013 Academy and Oscar award winning virtuoso.