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“The Lego Movie” review - a fun story made for all ages

The Lego Movie


The movie follows Emmett (Pratt), an average guy who works in the city and like everyone else, he likes to follow instructions. That is until one day at work, he sees a girl and literally falls for her, unknowingly becoming ‘The Special’. The one that will take down President Business (Will Ferrell) from cementing the perfect world.

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He falls into a place where he is out of his element and that girl, Wild Style (Banks), takes him away from President Business and brings him to a place where all the builders are protected from President Business. Emmett must learn to gain the confidence it takes to take down President Business and save the world from a strict building world.

This movie is a very nostalgic ride for those of you who used to play with Legos as a kid, or even still play with them now. There are so many references to the Legos, that it’s quite possible that they are able to make references to every Lego group made. If not, then at least all the main ones.

And what good movie doesn’t have a catchy song to go long with it. This movie is no different. The song “Everything is Awesome” is so catchy, that you will find yourself singing it throughout the movie and even after the movie ends.

And of course what would any action film be without a romance story to carry you through. Emmett tries so desperately to prove that he is ‘the special’ guy for Wild Style. She of course, already has a boyfriend. Dark and brooding, Batman (Arnett), but that doesn’t stop Emmett from working to make Wild Style see him.

The movie is a fun ride that people of all ages can appreciate. We have all at some point played with or at least known enough about to appreciate the jokes and the references made in the movie. The best part is the jokes that are not even related to Legos. For example the one including the Green Latern and Super-man (you will know what I’m talking about when you see the movie).

This is a great movie for you to bring your kids too. You will enjoy it along with them and even find yourself singing along to the catchy song with your kids. It has a great moral about how anyone and everyone is special and that you shouldn’t lose that imagination you have/had because it’s what makes the world so great.

The movie stars Chris Pratt (Delivery Man), Elizabeth Banks (Catching Fire), Will Ferrell (Anchorman 2), Liam Neeson (Non-Stop), Will Arnett (The Nut Job), Morgan Freeman (Last Vegas) and is available at a theater near you.

To get your tickets, go here.

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