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‘The Lego Movie’ lavish lampoon for all ages

The Lego Movie (film)


First, this is a film which is breathtaking in its depiction of the universe of Lego, of that there is no doubt. One can see from the beginning the makings for a video game based on this movie, in which Emmet, Chris Pratt, an average guy is recruited by a group of strangers to save the world from President Business, Will Farrell. One can tell from the way this movie was made that everyone involved had fun. There are so many cameos by different Lego sets, and the characters within them: the Pirates Lego, Star Wars Lego, Harry Potter Lego’s, that the list is endless.
The main character Emmet is at first happy in his Lego world of builders, in which everyone always obeys the rules, follows the directions and never has an original thought. He is so immersed in this world that he is a non-entity even to those he considers his friends. Thus, when he is told he is “the special” by WyldStyle, Elizabeth Banks, he does not believe it. Meanwhile, President Business is plotting to destroy the world by use of the “The Kragle”. How they save the day, the other characters they meet (Batman voiced by Will Arnett, Vitruvius, Morgan Freeman, who is a kind of Wizard that foretold the coming of “the Special”, etc. ) make the journey not only engaging, but worthwhile.
This is a sweet movie, and one in which ideas and imagination are embraced. If you want to see a movie with your children, or something which will capture your youth, this is a good one to see. There is nothing scary, offensive or mean in this movie at all. In addition, it is visually stunning on many levels. While movies like “Toy Story” were about if toys came to life and the lives they secretly would live, this one celebrates those moments in childhood where imagination ruled and one could dream freely without anyone telling you differently.

relive your childhood again in The Lego Movie