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The Lego Movie- Everything is Awesome!!

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The Lego Movie


I know, I know. I promised you a full review of the first season of Archer, but ya know what, that's a lot of ground to cover, so shush! A good talk about this movie is well overdue so you are going to sit there, read about it, and enjoy it! Then you can have your precious Archer. Maybe. Seriously, I'm re-watching the whole first season, you can't rush quality. Get off my back!

Anyway, if you haven't taken the time to go see this movie, you need to get some respect fo yo-self. The plot is pretty simple, there's an evil communist dictator trying to build a perfect world in his image and the hero is an average Joe construction guy trying to fit into that perfect image and follow all the rules. But then stuff happens and he finds this thing and it turns out he's the only one that can save the world from that image he was trying to hard to be a part of. You know, the usual. There's also some girl, rocket man, Batman, a bipolar unikitty, and black Gandalf. Oh, and pirates! To save the world, all they have to do defeat the killer robot army, not get killed by Liam Neeson, defeat the Kragle, and get blown up. Or not blown up, they were never really clear on that part.

The movie is full of a healthy does of twists and turns and I am trying really really hard not to spoil anything because you simply have to see it for yourself. The only bad thing I can say about this movie is that it simply ended too soon. But truth be told, if it were any longer the content would begin to feel forced.

I know this is an incredibly short review, but again, I love you so much I'm not going to spoil anything. The acting was awesome, the story was awesome, even the soundtrack was awesome. Everything is Awesome!!! That's why I'm giving this movie 4 stars out of five. (I would have given 5 but it is my first rated review and I don't want to appear soft.)

So go see the movie and tell me what you think. What was your favorite part? You can leave your answer in the comments below, just beware of reading them if you haven't seen the movie yet!