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‘The Lego Movie’ doesn’t follow the rules

'Lego the Movie' channels our inner child


Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have finally found the illusive piece to the movie making building blocks. It is the Lego® building toy that fuels many young imaginations.

L-r) Directors Christo[her Miller and Phil Lord with  Chris Pratt (voice of LEGO® minifigure Emmet).
L-r) Directors Christo[her Miller and Phil Lord with Chris Pratt (voice of LEGO® minifigure Emmet).
TM© 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau
Assemble the piece of resistence
TM © 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

In the past, movies based on toys (action figures) have not fared well. Somewhere along the way from a good idea to an actual film, the imaginative elements usually take a wrong turn. It seems that the childlike whimsy and creative components fueled by imagination are just too hard to convey. Often Hollywood attempts to improve the model by adding unnecessary bells and whistles. The result is often a hodge podge of over the top special effects that overshadow the much-loved characters. But, Lord and Miller who also wrote the screenplay have created an excitedly entertaining movie for the whole family complete with expressive 3D animation.

In ‘The Lego Movie’ an ordinary guy named Emmet (Chris Pratt) who always follows rules is mistaken as the Master Builder, the one who can save the universe. With the aid of the old mystic Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), a tough young lady named Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), and Batman (Will Arnett), Emmet uses his imagination to fight to defeat the evil tyrant Lord Business (Will Ferrell) who is bent on destroying the universe by gluing it together.

The film is filled with a blend of humor and satirical commentary that creates a stimulating story. ‘The Lego® Movie’ allows the family audience to experience the adventures encountered by Emmet by filling it with familiar toys. Parents are able to wax nostalgically as their favorite characters come to life and ignite feelings of their imaginative youth. For example, beloved childhood characters of ‘Star Wars’ make an appearance complete with Lando Carlission (Billy D. Williams). While, their kids are mesmerized by bright colors, quirky characters such as Uni Kitty a half unicorn, half animé kitten and a strong heroine, Wyldstyle who is a Master Builder but still has a vulnerable side (she dates Bateman), along with an entertaining story.

The film features the voices of Chris Pratt (Emmet), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Will Arnett (Batman), Nick Offerman (Metalbeard), Alison Brie (Uni-Kitty), Charlie Day(Benny), Liam Neeson ( Bad Cop/Good Cop), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius), Channing Tatum (Superman), Jonah Hill (Green Lantern), Cobie Smulders (Wonder Woman), Will Forte (Abraham Lincoln), and Jorma Taccone (William Shakespeare).

Be warned, the film also contains a catchy tune ‘Everything is Awesome!!’ that will infiltrate your brain. The song is performed by the sister duo Tegan and Sara and the ‘Lonely Island’ Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone (you can find it on the original Lego® movie soundtrack ). It is the upbeat anthem that every builder sings while they happily erect the approved structures planned out by detailed instructions.

‘The Lego Movie’ reminds us that creative builders are those who don’t necessarily follow the rules. They are the risk takers and enlightened thinkers who regularly lead the charge for justice. Quite often, adults are so concerned with the rules that they lose their imaginations along with what is important. In contrast, children flourish while creating whole worlds outside the rules.

Opening in theaters on February 7, 2014, the 'Lego Movie’ is Rated PG for mild action and rude humor. It has a run time of 100 minutes.

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