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The latest fairy adventure ‘The Pirate Fairy’ comes to Blu-ray and DVD

Pirate Fairy


When the much beloved character Tinker Bell lept out of the world of Peter Pan in her first solo film in 2008 it become the next big Disney franchise, spawning four sequels to date and no sign of slowing down. Now they are releasing the next chapter in the world of fairies with The Pirate Fairy, but does it bring the same magic as the previous films or will it finally run out of pixie dust?

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The Pirate Fairy follows a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy who steals Pixie Hollow's all-important Blue Pixie Dust, and flies away to join forces with the pirates of Skull Rock. Now, Tinker Bell and her fairy friends must embark on the adventure of a lifetime to return it to its rightful place, but their world is turned upside down when she and her friends find that their respective talents have been switched and they have to race against time to retrieve the Blue Pixie Dust and return home to save Pixie Hollow. As these films have progressed they stepped away from Tinker Bell being the sole focal point and introduced an entire fairy world making for a broader canvas to work from. This film keeps that trend alive, but also starts bringing in some back story of characters from the world of Peter Pan making it a great companion film to that classic. The story is pretty simple, but thanks to the direction they go connecting it to the other film makes it stand out a bit more. The animation itself keeps the same look and feel of the previous films in the series and continues to look like a big budget release. Even if you are not a fan of this series there is no arguing that the visuals are vibrant and beautiful to look at, especially the attention to detail using the fairy dust on other objects.

This is one of those series that obviously has a fan base and these movies are made for them, but with this one it takes a small step in a different direction to a broader appeal top those that may only be fans of Peter Pan. Those fans of the series will no doubt love this movie as it brings everything together that they have some to expect and love for the series. In addition to the film this Blu-ray also includes sing-alongs songs, deleted scenes, a “Croc-u-mentary”, making of featurette “The Frigate That Flies” and the feature “Second Star To The Right: The Legacy of Neverland”.

Cover yourself in pixie dust and fly to the nearest store and grab your copy of The Pirate Fairy when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 1st.

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