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The Late Great Iconic Actor Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooneys Passing


Iconic actor Mickey Rooney, died Sunday in Los Angeles at age 93, he was a pint-sized, precocious, impish, and always irrepressible because Mickey Rooney's approach to life was simple. Just like his movie teen character, Andy Hardy "Lets fix up the old barn,"Let's put on a show!" A blockbuster successful format, as the vexing but wholesome Andy Hardy and as Judy Garland's on screen boyfriend.

The Late Iconic Actor Mickey Rooney

Mickey spent nine decades doing it, on the big screen, on television, on stage and in his extravagant personal life. Like, when 5'3ft. tall Mickey shares stories, like when he spent 1 year down under, no not in Australia, in Ava Gardner...hey don't shoot the messenger, it's Mikey's joke! As a fan it was pretty easy to pick favorite Mickey Rooney moments, Mickey Rooney and his voice is part of all our in the 90's Christmas movie, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear".

It was wholesome family holiday movie, about relationship between the Grandfather and Grandson, it morphs into after life of heaven and angels. Mickey Rooney's character and his grandson have a believeable synergy in this movie. It's really must watch Hallmark TV movie, which ends with old granpa meeeting his maker during a Christmas snow. It closed with Mickey shutting his eyes, in a NYC Central Park carriage, it was just as good as the original Miracle on 34th Street.

As well was "Home for Christmas", it also aired on tv back in the '90's, Mickey Rooney gives a touching performance as Elmer, an elderly homeless man who is taken in by a family at Christmas to repay them by doing chores around their house for having broken into their car previously and having taken some items. This classic had a touch of the supernatural help along a solid sentimental journey.

In his earlier roles, actor, singer and dancer Mickey Rooney, whether wearing spats and over his dance shoes as handled different choices for his characterization From a gangster's son, a swell-headed jockey, or an adolescent son of Judge Hardy. Mickey has pulled them off with the forth right expertness, as he played a delinquent humbled by Spencer Tracy as Father Flanagan in 1938's "Boys Town". There was no better actor in the world than Mickey Rooney.

Mickey knews he can play no matter what scenario writers put in the scripts, strange part about it is, he was always right. As an older actor Mickey bookended his career, 70 years later with roles in "Night at the Museum" and "The Muppets."

There was a fond recollection from Rooney years later, for his first marriage was to the glamorous, and taller, Ava Gardner. "I'm 5 feet 3, but I was 6 feet 4 when I married Ava". That summed up the man's passion and capacity for life.Ava Gardner lasted only a year...she later traded up for Frank Sinatra.

Rooney was a small man physically,but a prodigious in talent, scope, ambition and appetite. He sang and danced, played roles both serious and silly, wrote memoirs, a novel, movie scripts and plays and married eight times, siring 11 children. He was nominated for four Academy Awards over a four-decade span and received two special Oscars for film achievements, won an Emmy for his TV movie "Bill".

Mickey had a Tony nomination for his Broadway smash "Sugar Babies." Co-star, actress, dancer Ann Miller loved working with Mickey on 'Sugar Babies.' Saying that he was very professional, and his stories were priceless

There were no further details immediately available on the cause of death, but Rooney did attend Vanity Fair's Oscar party last month, where he posed for photos with other veteran stars and seemed fine. He was also shooting a movie at the time of his death, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'', with Margaret O'Brien. Rooney died Sunday at age 93 surrounded by family at his North Hollywood home, police said. The Los Angeles County Coroner's office said Rooney died a peacefull and natural death.

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