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The Last Ship surprises viewers

Eric Dane, star of The Last Ship on TNT
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

The Last Ship premier


Only an epic show like The Last Ship can make your heart race and bring tears to your eyes in the first episode. Previews told audiences about the entire story line. They told you the big secret, that a virus is killing the population including the President of the United States. Watching the first ten minutes of the show you see some important background about the virus and the ship. Some viewers were worried it would be a slow start to the series, which would ultimately make or break the series.
Only twelve minutes into the episode the Russians appear and you know something is up. Your heart suddenly starts racing as the slow introduction to the series suddenly speeds up. The outlook for the show suddenly changes and viewers are hooked after only fifteen minutes.
Did you know that the series is another based on a novel? Even better, it was a novel published in the eighties. It was written by William Brinkley and published in March of 1988. This post-apocalyptic fictional novel has been adapted for television, but lately these series have seen great results. For example, Steven King’s Under the Dome is back for a surprise second season. It was never planned to last more than one season, but ratings soared and they came up with a second season with Steven King’s help and approval.
The show brought tears to viewer’s eyes in two different moments. The first one was the surprise death of their first, Frank. He fell down a flight of stairs on the ship that they took supplies from. While rolling down the staircase his mask came off and he was exposed to the air borne virus. He doesn’t want to suffer, so he takes out his own side arm and before anyone can talk him out of it, he takes his own life.
The second time tears come, is when the captains family somehow reached out to him to tell him they are alive and well away from the craziness happening in the world. The world is falling apart. The President and Vice President never had to be cast, because they are killed by the virus before we ever get to meet them. They are the last chance to save the human race, the question is, can they pull it off?