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'The Last Match' DVD Review

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The Last Match


Yosvani (Milton Garcia) and Rey (Reinier Diaz) are good friends. They play soccer together on a local team. They don't have regular jobs even though one is married and the other has a fiancé. The two men enjoy simply hanging out together. Being from Cuba both men have a certain machismo that they must live up to.

The one who is married is really poor and his wife even suggests that he go play with the tourists to make extra money. The other man, well between him and his fiancé they live better than most but both men could do better financially. One of the two men is being scouted by a professional soccer team.

The two men are one day at a nightclub and they share a kiss between them. It's nothing fantastic or Earth shattering but it opens up a door that must be kept secret. You see if the outside world knew of their desire it could become uncomfortable for both of them. It is not until they are alone on a rooftop when their lust finally takes over and the two men succumb to their passions. The scene is well done and it is not as if you are watching something so terrible.

Director Antonio Hens does an excellent job with this film. You feel the friendship and the love between the two men. The film was made in Puerto Rico and you feel the hot steaminess of the Caribbean.

This film touches on the subject of homosexuality in such a way that even the most heterosexual males will not be embarrassed. The film takes a look at what at least for some is a forbidden subject but does it in such a way that when you walk away from watching it you are touched with a feeling of enjoyment.

Canteen Outlaws has brought this film to us and it is already on the shelves for your viewing pleasure. This is one film that you will want for that personal library and it is a joy to watch. The actors do a splendid job. The DVD is of the highest quality and it is pure enjoyment to watch.