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"The Last Garner Files"

James Garner


Fans expressed their sadness while remembering a clever, good looking leading man, 'Rockford Files' and 'Maverick' star, Hollywood legend James Garner. Dead at 86, Saturday, of natural causes in his Los Angeles home, the real life war hero a double Purple Heart Garner displayed real-life bravery. He served in the Korean War and received two Purple Hearts for combat wounds, as he recounted in his memoir.

James Garner's fame rose to the top as the gun slinging Bret the 1950s television series "Maverick," In the '70s Garner struck pay dirt again on the small screen as Jim Rockford in the popular series "The Rockford Files." He played an L.A. private eye who lived withn his dad in a trailer with an answering machine that, in the show's opening titles, always took a message that had nothing to do with a paying job, but more often was a complaint call from a cranky creditor. Jim Rockford was a wrongly jailed ex-con who seemed to rarely get paid, or even get thanks, for the cases he took, he slept with a lot of hot sexy women and helplessly kept getting drawn into trouble to help someone who was not neccesarily a client or even a friend. Basically a '70's version of "Maverick"and guess what we all liked it because it starred our buddy James Garner.

Starring in more than 50 movies, including, "Move Over Darling" with Doris Day,where James Garner saves Doris Day in a convertible going thru a car wash. "The Great Escape" in 1963, with lead Steve Mcqueen,"The Thrill of it All" with Doris Day, Paddy Chayefsky's "The Americanization of Emily" in 1964, Blake Edwards' musical farce "Victor Victoria,"also starring Julie Andrews in 1982.

In Murphy's Romance Gardner co-stared with Sally Field in 1985, for which he received an Academy Award nomination. And that was basically James character getting the hots for a younger woman in distress, for James thats a typical Thursday. Again of course woman especially liked it because it starred our buddy James Garner being nice to someone we all like as well, Ms.Sally Field...hey after all it's not rocket science.

Alongside Oscar winner Jodie Foster, Garner had a reprising cameo role as "Maverick,"in a 1994 movie version of the show, with Mel Gibson playing the title character now as young card shark, Bret, Mavericks son.

Well into his 70s, the handsome Oklahoman remained active in both TV and film. In 2002, he was Sandra Bullock's father in the film "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" a major ..yech..chick flick...with a straight face.

In the 2004 Ryan Gosling-Rachel McAdams hit romantic drama, Star James Garner gained a new generation of fans for his role "The Notebook," as the older version of Gosling's Duke along side co-star Gena Rowlands, playing the older version of Rachel McAdams.

Although the 86-year-old co-star of the 2000 movie "Space Cowboys,"Garner was adept at drama and action, including racing cars, James Garner was found dead of natural causes at his Los Angeles home on Saturday, When Garner received the Screen Actors Guild's lifetime achievement award in 2005, joking around he said, "I'm not at all sure how I got here." But in his 2011 memoir, "The Garner Files," he provided some amusing and enlightening clues, including his credo for bluntly expressed opinions and a practice for decking people who said something nasty to his face.........

Well here's one for you'll be sadly missed on this earth by your many legions of fans...R*I*P!

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