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'The Last Door:' Proof video games don't need high end graphics to tell a story

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The Last Door


While video games of the current console & PC generation have been intensive on graphics while short on stories beyond “Don't die and kill the other guy,” some gamers long for a video game that goes back to simpler times. They want video games with a story that they can immerse themselves in well enough to ignore that the graphics are slightly more intensive than something drawn on graph paper. For those who like story intensive video games, the point and click adventure game such as the latest Phoenix Online Publishing offering “The Last Door” fits the bill.

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“The Last Door” is a point and click adventure game about a guy living in Victorian England trying investigating his old friend's death. Like any point and click adventure game, “The Last Door” involves looking for objects within the background and rubbing said objects together until the video game's logic deems your pointing & clicking worthy enough to progress the story. The graphics of “The Last Door” makes the point and click adventure game even more difficult by being the most pixelated and low-res that I've ever seen in the last 30 years. In the beginning of point and click adventure games at around 1984, “The Last Door's” graphics were revolutionary since gamers were lucky to have graphics with their adventure games. Nowadays, the pixels that make up “The Last Door” can be considered to have a retro charm or stylistic suck art style.

But the low-res graphics add to the charm of “The Last Door.” The low-res graphics lets players use their imagine to augment the story. Since “The Last Door” is a Lovecraft-like horror story and the best horror taps into the imagination of its audience, this art style is a very good fit. The award-winning musical score an creepy sound effects help ramp the horror as players rely on a lamp and a magnifying glass to explore underground paths within the game and the character's mind.

While the game play is the old point and click adventure game, “The Last Door” shows how the right atmosphere combined with solid writing can overcome the need for AAA graphics in a video game. Phoenix Online Publishing is offering “The Last Door: Collector's Edition” that features all four episodes of the video game as well as new content and unlockable bonuses for $9.99 on PC, Mac, and Linux starting May 20. Versions for mobile devices will be available later for those who want to play an old school styled point and click adventure game on a modern day means.


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