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"The Kryptos" by Omar Haro

Short Film


"Tommy is a little boy,Tommy likes to play with toys,Tommy knows it's time for bed, But no one knows what's in his head."

Boys will be boys and will have many toys and friends to play with and keep them busy, whether we see them or not. A clever plot written, produced and directed by Omar Haro and OJO Productions will have you waiting for what comes next. An eerie short film about a boy who seems to be left alone without choice in his own little world, or is he alone? Haunting backgrounds and hidden noises without faces will keep your attention to see what "Tommy" sees.

His mother seems aloof to paying attention to the needs of her son especially as they have moved into a new home and he is left alone at night while she tends to the needs of her boyfriend. Tommy quickly falls asleep when he wakes to find out he is not the only one in the house and his mother is still not home!

Reviews are positive for the film "Creepy psychological horror" that will have you wanting more!

Enough said about what is going on the movie created by OJO Productions who have captured the essence of the paranormal in this short film. You can click on the link below to watch the short film for yourself and don't cover your eyes, you need to see who is home with Tommy!

OjO Productions Presents

An Omar Haro Film


Written, Produced and Directed by
Omar Haro

Director of Photography
Xavier Otten

Assistant Director
Lindy Randall

Edited by
Andrew Tucker

Music by
Derek O'Rourke

Casting by
Casey Janney

Production Manager
Adam Bregenzer

Script Supervisor
Brad Puent

Production Designers
Omar Haro and Kevin Eme

Set Dresser
Kevin Eme

1st Assistant Camera
Louis Wong

2nd Assistant Camera
Alex Hall

Jeremy von Liviu

Key Grip
Nate Cox-Reed

Jose Aguilar

Location Sound Mixer
William Bryan

Location Sound Mixer (Pick-ups)
Mark Harmon

Key Production Assistant
Sam Rowe-Sutton

Production Assistant
Brent Sekularac

Production Assistant
Ben Kelley

Production Assistant
Fernando Aguilar

Special Effects Make-Up
Christina Padilla and Jonathan Reed

Sound Designer
Derek O'Rourke

Recording Engineer
Samori Wood

Dustin Laurenzi

Compositing by
Daylight Reel

Compositing Supervisor
Jonathan Reed

Title Designer
Tracy Mailloux

Jonathan Reed

Technical Consultant
Rick Romanowski

Michael Saguto
Jill Thiel
Brian Rooney
Nahum Zarco

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